Wednesday, March 9, 2011

First few levels...

Darkspear training grounds! Uau, nice area indeed. I remember levelling up previous Troll characters and that feeling that Troll or Orc was the same, lingered. Not anymore!
                                                             Darkspear training grounds

It doesn't get more Trollish. You only get to level 5 in this area, but a lot happens.

You get to meet Da big Troll, finding out that him and Garrosh hate each other came as surprise to me, fun tho! There is also a fight alongside Vol'jin that gave me that epic feeling (even though you cannot die, drama arises).
After the new area is pretty much back to Sen'jin Village, where, despite a makeover,  you get a homely feeling. The quests are new and you engage allies very early on! Great.
The biggest smile happens at level 8!
                                                                 Yojamba is da Tiger!

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  1. Wild! Yojamba you look awesome as Tiger, I wish I was a hunter to tame you, I wish I was a very big person to have you has a house pet, I wish I was... I ain't :(