Friday, March 18, 2011

Travel form.

So I got to level 16! With that I can now have Travel Form...

                                                     Yojamba is da Chita' mon! Da Chita...

As you can see as well, I can now go to Moonglade! The mother city for us Druids.
Nice peaceful place...

Now that I have travel form, I do not need the bonus speed from Tiger Form so much, so I decided to level up using the balance tree, after all, I am approaching the game like never before and I have already levelled a Druid up using the feral tree.

I tried a couple of instances, Rage fire chasm as a tank and Wailing caverns as healer, they went well.
A new feature that I quite like is that you can get the quests related to the instance you're in, at the beginning. That means a nice XP boost when you do the instance for the first time.

I am on vacations (and sick) so the posts have slew down a little bit, not to worry...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Da Beast!

Level 15! And with that I get the amazing Bear form !
Look what Jabul taught me!

                                                           Ya call me Yojambear, Mon!

With bear form you also learn a few bear specific skills. I am going to try tanking the first three dungeons available to me, because at level 15 the LFD tool also becomes available, happy days...
So, Ragefire Chasm, Deadmines and Wailing caverns, here I come.
I'll link the epics after.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

After Durotar...

So I'm done with Durotar. I still had two quests there, but they seem to be the same as they were before, just from different quest givers. The area looks nice, all flooded, gives it a completely different feeling.

I got given the option of going to the northern Barrens or to Azshara.
Azshara always stroke me as one of the more deserted areas in WoW, I only remember taking one of my chars there for questing. So, you guessed, Azshara it is.
                                                             Where did I park my car?

You now have access to the area straight from Orgrimmar and the first quests are nice. You get to pilot a shredder and kill some elfs, even stop some invasion attempted by the so said level 12 elfs (I can't see why they don't just let one single guard kill them all). I still have a bit to go in the area, keep you posted.

                                                                   I am da Machine!

On a different note, you gotta love the laziness of people. I took herbalism and mining, after my first auctions I now have 130g! Huge for a level 13 character me thinks...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Level 10!

So, in no time I reached level 10!
And there it comes, my first talent point, a whole new world! So I chose the feral tree, and I got my Demon Form! COOL...
                                                                Hey ya! Where is my mojo?

No, I didn't. I got Mangle, which makes claw the skill to use for about two levels!
But was fun feeling like a warlock for a short period of time.
For my first talent point I picked Feral Swiftness, now I'm a little bit faster, it should help...
I'm starting to get the feeling that haunted me from 80-85 that the quests follow a very strict chain, but still having fun, no doubt!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

First few levels...

Darkspear training grounds! Uau, nice area indeed. I remember levelling up previous Troll characters and that feeling that Troll or Orc was the same, lingered. Not anymore!
                                                             Darkspear training grounds

It doesn't get more Trollish. You only get to level 5 in this area, but a lot happens.

You get to meet Da big Troll, finding out that him and Garrosh hate each other came as surprise to me, fun tho! There is also a fight alongside Vol'jin that gave me that epic feeling (even though you cannot die, drama arises).
After the new area is pretty much back to Sen'jin Village, where, despite a makeover,  you get a homely feeling. The quests are new and you engage allies very early on! Great.
The biggest smile happens at level 8!
                                                                 Yojamba is da Tiger!

First steps...

So I decided to create a Troll druid. I like trolls and I like druids.
I'm looking forward to try the new initial area for the trolls, probably everyone has seen it and tried it, but not me. I will level up slowly and I will try to do as many quests as possible, trying to understand the background stories and so on.
Meet Yojamba!

                                                                 Nice to meet ya, Mon!

Enjoy, I'll write soon my impressions of the starting area...


I decided to star a new blog and at the same time I'm starting a new character. This blog it will be about the adventures and the levelling process of so said new character.
I'm doing this due to the lack of time for a serious commitment to the game and because my motivation to keep playing is getting low. I'm hoping this approach to the game (playing and blogging) will keep me going and provide me with great pleasure within WoW.
Hope you enjoy following my time in Azeroth.
Have a good one!